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Name: PvMP+ Revisited   Popular!
Date: 03-26-2023 10:54 AM
Size: 135.02 Kb
Version: 4.2
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Size: 219.07 Kb
Dimensions: 1400 x 400
Progress Bar
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Statistics Window
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With PvMP being revisited by SSG it's time to also revisit a classic plugin amongst PvMP players, PvMP+!

Over the years I have added some features to the original plugin. With PvMP picking up again, and changes being made making the old version outdated, I've been asked to release my own version. The plugin works the same as the old one, but with many new additions and fixes.
The plugin supports German and French clients. The Russian translation is still included, but a Russian client is not longer officially supported, so I can't guarantee the plugin works correctly. Do let me know though if you experience problems with it.

This new version works with your current existing PvMP+ data, so none of your progress will be lost. Upon first loading the plugin you will have to set your current Killing Blows. This can be done through the Options tab within the Plugin Manager or opening the PvMP+ Settings window.

For any questions, comments or suggestions you can reach out to me on LoTROInterface, the Forums, Discord (Urundus#3542), or ingame on the Arkenstone server.

Version History:

PvMP+ Revisited - v4.2
  • Fixed resizing of Statistics under the main Progress Bar. Statistics will automatically hide when using a small Progress Bar to prevent clutter. The cut-off lies around a bar size of 10%.
  • Fixed Tabs in the Statistics window. Headers no longer use abbreviations, should no longer overlap and should fit for all localizations.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the Commendations bar chart would be duplicating itself.
  • Map Window port skills are now available to freepside and to ranger/troll session play.
  • Fixed 'Show Statistics' Setting not being saved between sessions.
  • Updated a few Display Settings to be more responsive.
  • Added Russian localization. The plugin should default to this when a Russian client is detected. Thanks Thurallor for helping me out with this!
  • Fixed the translations for Fragment of Mordírith's Crown (Relic buff) and The Gift of Carrock (Relic buff) for the Russian client. Thanks to Mod on Discord!
  • Updated a few incorrect French and German translations.
  • Added translations for each window's DragBar.

PvMP+ Revisited - v4.1
  • Fixed the red commendation warning still being shown while below the warning threshold of 19000 after spending them. Lowered warning flashing speed. Optimized the way of tracking commendations.
  • Fixed the Bonus % when losing the 'Peace and Quiet' map control buff. The Bonus % from 'A Quiet Calm' relic control buff is not applied when the former is lost. It's regained upon re-logging and is likely a game bug.
  • Fixed BattleTask Alert still showing when toggling HUD (F12) or when minimizing the plugin.
  • Updated Recent Hits window to be able to send to the /say channel.
  • Fixed some issues with the formatting of large numbers and rounding of numbers.
  • Fixed an issue where bar chart y-axis height was not being calculated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where statistics for December were not getting displayed.
  • Added a button to empty the search field on the Killing Blow Log.
  • Updated the UI of the Settings window. It now uses the game's UI elements and will alter based on faction and UI skin.
  • Updated 'Show DoF Buffs' to be disabled by default on first install as the Delving is closed now. This will not affect anyone with one of the previous versions installed. You can disable this yourself through the Settings window.
  • Fixed some settings not being reset when 'Resetting settings to default'.
  • Cleaned up the localization files by removing many recurring strings.
  • Updated the missing French translations. Mainly used a translating program for this. Let me know if you spot anything which is incorrect.
  • Fixed the translation for Peace and Quiet (map control buff) for the French client.

PvMP+ Revisited - v4.0.1.1
  • Fixed missing import file.

PvMP+ Revisited - v4.0.1
  • Fixed an issue with the plugin not loading due to an incorrect loading order.
  • Accommodated for Russian Language support being removed from the API.

PvMP+ Revisited - v4.0
  • Updated the locations of Elf Camp and Orc Camp for the BtS expansion.
  • Updated Infamy and Renown gain percentages on Isendeep and Lumbercamp to 35%, and TR and Lugz to 10%.
  • Fixed the calculation for determining your current location compared to nearby hotspots used for /loc callouts. Also added a few more notable hotspots.
  • Fixed the Map window not properly displaying creep map-in locations while on freepside.
  • Added an alert for spotting creatures in stealth. It is tied to the already existing Stealth alert setting for sensing that a creature is nearby.
  • Added a chat command to toggle the Map window, allowing it to be bound to an alias keybind. The command is "/pvmp+ map" for the English client, "/pvmp+ karte" and "/pvmp+ carte" for the German and French clients respectively.
  • Fixed the Freep map control buffs counting twice towards the Bonus percentage due to two buffs with the same name always being present, one for the Bonus, one for Experience.
  • Updated the Renown/Infamy parser to support gained amounts in excess of 1000, as this is now theoretically possible with the increased Bonus percentages.
  • Updated Lootbox and BattleTask warning to be disabled by default on first install. This will not affect anyone with one of the previous versions installed. You can enable these again through the Settings window. These alerts can be moved around the screen with CTRL + \.
  • Updated the list of named Ettenmoors NPC's to be filtered from the Recent Hits tracker as some were missing. Recent Hits tracker now also filters player pets slightly better.
  • Fixed stats not displaying correctly or being cut off when using a small progress bar.
  • Fixed the Recent Hits tracker for the German client which never properly worked.
  • Fixed chat channel shortcuts for the French and German clients as some of these were incorrect.
  • Fixed /loc parsing for the French and German clients.
  • Fixed joining and leaving UserChats for the French and German clients. PvMP+ now also supports up to 8 UserChats instead of 4.
  • Fixed localization for the Relics for the French clients.
  • Fixed the translation for Peace and Quiet (map control buff) for the German client. Thanks again RenthoMar!
  • Performed a significant amount of clean-up and optimization.

PvMP+ Revisited - v4.0 Beta
  • Updated slider. Progress bar can now be made even smaller, about half the size it was at previously.
  • Added Display Settings. The following buffs can now be hidden for a more minimalistic feel: Outposts, Keeps, DoF Buffs, Relics and Outnumbered Buff.
  • Fixed Recent Hits window showing again upon re-logging while disabled in settings.
  • Fixed Recent Hits window showing when toggling HUD (F12) while disabled in settings.
  • Both the Commendation and Rank icons on the bar now have a hover over function. Commendation icon shows commendation stats and the Rank icon shows KB stats.
  • Fixed some localization issues for the German and French clients. Buffs and statistics should now be tracked correctly.
  • Updated some missing and incorrect German translations. Thanks to RenthoMar on Discord!

PvMP+ Revisited - v4.0 Alpha
  • Added a red progress bar to match the creepside theme. Freepside still uses the blue progress bar.
  • Added relic buffs and timers to the overview.
  • Added outnumbered buffs and timers to the overview. This will only show if your side has the buff, it won't display for the opposing side.
  • The outpost tracker now shows the opposing side owning outposts and their respective abbreviated letters.
  • Added a monthly points tracker to the overview. This can also be linked to chat.
  • Rank icon is now clickable to switch to monthly, daily, hourly, 10 mins and fight KB stats. Click again to switch back to the points overview.
  • Expanded the statistics window with a lot more stats.
  • KB deed tier is being tracked as if KB's would only count towards this deed (like they did back in the day).
  • Points, KB's and Tracks statistics have been extended.
  • Commendations and Deaths statistics have been added to the window.
  • KB statistics show the amount of KB's needed for the next deed tier.
  • Added bar graphs for Commendations, KB's, Deaths and Tracks.
  • Added bar graphs per month on a year basis for all different stats.
  • Charts display the average gains per day for the selected month on hover over, highlighted in either red or blue depending on side.
  • Some charts show additional stats on hover over, like KB's per Death.
  • Added max day and max month trackers for all different stats.
  • Added a Battle Task tracker and reminder. Can be disabled in the settings.
  • Expanded the settings window with more options for showing/hiding parts of the UI.
  • Added a confirmation pop-up when resetting your settings.
  • Updated the map window and added notable landmarks.
  • Window placements for all windows on screen now saved between sessions.

Known issues:
  • Translations are still missing for the Russian localization and some might be incorrect.
  • Spending exactly all available commendations left in the wallet will result in PvMP+ no longer being able to update your current commendations. This is caused by how the game handles wallet currencies being depleted to 0. The issue resolves itself by reloading the plugin.
Archive List (Old Versions)
File Name
133.21 Kb
01-29-2023 02:43 PM
135.11 Kb
11-18-2022 02:38 PM
135.10 Kb
11-18-2022 01:20 PM
135.09 Kb
11-14-2022 04:12 PM
4.0 Beta
209.58 Kb
10-02-2022 07:18 AM
4.0 Alpha
209.39 Kb
09-23-2022 02:30 PM
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