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Name: Palantir III   Popular!
Date: 04-13-2021 02:29 AM
Size: 464.33 Kb
Version: 3.1
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Example for the moral and power bars
Current Version: 3.0

As it seems that snoopy is not maintaining the plugin anymore, I have created this one based on his work. The project is still open source, but now hosted on gitlab: https://gitlab.com/loikki/palantir3. Feel free to write issues or merge requests directly on gitlab (I might not see the messages in LOTROinterface).

New features:
- Beorning support (wrath replaces the power)
- Potion quickslots (suggestion from Ingolmo, German translation by Myrridin)

From Palantir II

After a few mouths discovering LOTRO, I found LOTROInterface and some interesting plugins. Being a French player, even if English interface far better than poor French translations, Rivendell means nothing to me, but Fondcombe reminds me souvenirs a lot...

So I play on French Game, and many plugins dislike French (or German). As I already coded some lua plugins for other games (wow too PvP oriented, and Runes of Magic too expensive F2P), I began some translations then fixes, and improvements. I liked Palantir but Digital_Utopia had given up LOTRO (see this post). As I felt my coding were a real improvement of the original code I decided to share it as Digital_Utopia allowed it:
As far as my projects go, any developer is more than welcome to use the code as they see fit, or provide a similar offering.
Thank you Digital_Utopia for your handsome job ! Now, I'am picking up this project for a while...

About PALANTIR (Digital_Utopia)

Palantir is a highly customizable Heads-Up Display(HUD) for LotRO that displays critical combat-related information at center-screen in an unobtrusive way.
This allows the player to get the information they need without having to take their eyes off of the business at hand, as they would if they were to depend on the default UI elements.

Palantir is no longer being maintained.



- Player morale and power display. Vitals bars support custom coloring.
- Curable debuff display with 4 sections that will “light” up (i.e. wound,fear,disease,poison) and “click to cure”.
- Integration with UI Positioning mode (ctrl+\) and Hide UI (F12) with appropriate results.
- The option to display Palantir always, or only in combat.
- Many, many options.


- Curable debuff support instant curing with Saroumane's fear exclusion.
- Some bug or annoyance fixes.
- Combat timer with intervals reminder.
- Mez, Root, Fear, HOT, Buff, Debuff timer bars.
- Storm RK buff effect timers.
- Warnings for quicker reactions.


PALANTIR II - 2012 update by Snoopy 81.
Initial released updated version is v2.00

The main scope of this 2012 update is to improve the Debuff viewing & removing system:

- It's now possible to click through all the area. (debuffbar.lua)
ex: No more trouble at looting corpses!

- Using a skill/potion is now possible only if the debuff is here.(debuffbar.lua)
ex: No more useless drinking pot!

- Mode 1 ("Indicators Only"): (debuffbar.lua)
Nothing is clickable, and you can use the mouse through Palantir II to click whatever is below.
Shows only if debuf is here, no indication of CD or quantity.

- Mode 2 ("Curable Support"): (debuffbar.lua)
If not Wounded, diseased, feared or Poisoned, same as mode 1.
Shows CD if applicable. Shows remaining pots if applicable.
If something curable is present, appropriate button(s) is activated and clickable.
Annoyance: Buttons remains click-able even if CD is down....
Annoyance: Removing pots from bag won't refresh Palantir II.
The addon works only with shortcuts, and Lotro will refresh shortcuts... in a while!

- Mode 3 ***NEW*** ("Instant curing"): (debuffbar.lua, SetupWindow.lua, OptionsManager.lua)
According to you debuff, the right button flies under, and with your mouse pointer, so any click will drink the appropriate potion!
To avoid drinking a potion turn the mouse wheel. Then you may choose your potion the way you like.
The flying button will not show for a while if you turned mouse weel. Resets when all debuffs are gone.
The flying button will not show if potion's CD is down. If debuf is still here, it'll show when CD is up again.
In case of different debuffs, Wound < Fear < Disease < Poison.

- And ***NEW*** ("Full screen warning") (debuffbar.lua, SetupWindow.lua, OptionsManager.lua)
Filters your screen with red, yellow... according to latest debuff. Impossible to miss it!
Only available if Debuff bar is on, and usable in each mode.
Note that in mode 3, full screen warning will not show if you can't use some potion (CD down), or turned the mouse weel.

PALANTIR II - 2012 summer update by Snoopy 81.
Version v2.10

Still coding Palantir II, and there's shining new features coming!

As I'm playing healer most of the time, my eyes are focused on my group or raid morale, and it's too easy to miss
some piece of information elsewhere on the screen. The v2.0 update and "Instant curing" was really helpful at Ortanc tower.
Anyways, I' had an accident and broke left arm. Healing single handed is really slow, so I had to keep off T2, and revert to
DPS or Lore Master easier tasks.

As a Lore Master, I wished a clock starting with every Mez, Root, Anti-stun.
As a Rune Keeper, I wished easier mean to see Epic conclusion buffs, and a clock to monitor writs.
As a Minstrel, a clock to monitor extended Soliloquy of Spirit duration could help.
As anybody, a clock showing combat duration, and warning at set intervals could help.
As anybody, I often miss some vital warnings from mobs. ( ie: Ortank storm boss "shoke")
As many, I wish non intrusive information display, but easy to monitor when needed, but very intrusive important warnings.

- New clock, resets & starts when in combat: (new mezbar.lua)
Keeps last combat duration. Max 59'59", then resets.
You can set intervals (min 15"), clock will warn you approaching each interval by changing color.

- Sometimes, a boss warns you before launching a special attack, needing a fast reaction.
I added an unmissable visible warning..

- 4 timer bars: (new mezbar.lua)
Timer event depends on character class.
If event duration can change (ie: LM Mez), settings window allow you to adjust it.
[Dual]: Some events can be cast twice (maybe on 2 mobs), so timer bar will reflect it. No support above twice.
[Red]: Timer bar will turn red when important event are close to ellapse.
[Selfadjust]: If event is a buff that you can cast on yourself, duration can be automatically adjusted.
[Autoadjust]: If event is a auto-buff, duration is given by Lotro.
All events during less than 15" hasn't been coded in timer bars...

- Lore Master: (Main reason for coding all that!)
Bar1: "Blinding Flash", or "Improved Blinding Flash" - (Dual, Red)
Bar2: "Herb-lore" - (Dual, Red)
Bar3: "Sign of Power: Command", or"Improved Sign of Power: Command" (Casting again renews the bar)
Bar4: "Sign of Power: Righteousness" (Selfadjust, Casting again in 15 last seconds renews the bar)

- Minstrel:
Bar1: "Invocation of Elbereth" (red)
Bar2: "Song of the Dead" (red)
Bar3: "Soliloquy of Spirit" (Selfadjust) Bar will proc either target is self or not.
Bar4: "Fellowship's Heart" (Autoadjust)

- Rune Keeper: RK wish list was not a simple one !
As a Storm RK, DPS depends on monitoring Thunderous Words, Harsh Debate, Charged Runes, & Winter-storm for the best.
As a Fire RK, keeping Writ of Fire tier 3 is the key.
As a healer, Improved Our Fates Entwined is OP, but needs you to maintain HOT on yourself.
HOT have short CD so useless to monitor on everybody.
In all cases, Writ of cold' debuff may prove useful.
Bar1: "Writ of cold"
Bar2: "Writ of fire"
Bar3: "Writ of Health on self" or "Thunderous Words" depending on Attunement
Bar4: "Prelude to Hope on self"or "Harsh Debate" depending on Attunement
Charged Runes, & Winter-storm are also shown!

- Rogue: I'm not playing Rogue, help needed here to test & debug.
Bar1: "Riddle" (red)
Bar2: "A Small Snag" or improved version (red)
Bar3: "Trick" Anyone...
Bar4: "Addle"

- Hunter: I'm not playing hunter, help needed here to test & debug.
Bar1: "Bard's Arrow" (red)
Bar2: "Rain of Thorns" (red)
Bar3: "Fleetness" (Autoadjust)
Bar4: "Needfull Haste" (Autoadjust)



Simply copy the DU_81 folder from the zip file to your "My Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins" folder.
Start LOTRO, and use Turbine's plugins manager to load Palantir II.
You can type "/palantir" or "/pph"" to get the option panel.

Palantir II and Palantir use different installation / saved data paths.



v2.00 (initial PALANTIR II version, changes from last PALANTIR v1.10.1, from Digital_Utopia)
- Changed the Plugin folder Name to \DU_81\, enabling Lotro to keep the older one for testing purpose.( most lua files)
- Changed the settings files names, so you can easelly identify them. (ex: DU_81_Color.plugindata) (main.lua, optionmanager.lua)
- Changed /palantir will open options direct.
- Added /pph
- BugFix: Poison & Disease pot drinking didn't show CDs as intended.
- Fix: Disabled CheckBox's text will show as disabled.(CheckBox.lua)
- AnnoyanceFix: It's now possible to click through all the area.
- BugFix: Sometimes Pots where not saved and restored as wanted.
- Annoyance: If you're exhausting, or removing some potion from your bag, Shorcut and counter may not be restored correctlly. Check them !
- Potion's Quickslots should keep the right count. ( Maybe not if you play with buying /selling potions..)
- "Silenced" Effect sould not be taken into account with "Instant Curiong" mode ( ie: Saroumane fight.)

- Fix: Error when selecting potion at 1st time. (typo in debuffbar.lua)
- Annoyance: Very incomplete German translation ( Need help here !)

- Fix Again: Error when selecting potion at 1st time. (Removed broken feature in debuffbar.lua)
- Fix: Poison CD changed when Disease CD changed in SetupWindow (DebuffBar.lua)
- AnnoyanceFix: The 1st setup page was too long so when changing Mode, you needed to slide down 1st,
either the list box was out off window and unusable...
Moved Debuff options to a new page.
- Annoyance: Settings take some time to load, so fast use of some features will use default settings instead.
- New: Palantir includes timers to help you remind usefull events!
- AnnoyanceFix: On the fly fix for decimal numbers while loading data.
No more need to erase saved Palantir data if changing language of Lotro.
- IMPORTANT: Rogue and hunter have not been tested...
- IMPORTANT: Help welcome for German version of setup winow (SetupWindow.lua)

- Winter-Storm not detected in French ( bad coding of "ê")

- Winter-Storm dots doesn't always reflect Winter-Storm level, discovered raiding as it seemed to work OK solo.
Guess is the games (sometimes ?) sends Next rank Winter-Storm before removing previous.
- Now, erase Writ bars when out of combat.
- 1st Bar for Writ of cold turned red when ending.
- Changed colors of Storm RK effect bars ( was too close from Writ of cold's color)
- Graphic fix in "ATTENTION" (French warning)
- Fixed WARNING's vertical position to remain in middle of Palantir when you change vertical position of Mez bars.
- WinterStorm Dots remained after Death.
- Potions shortcuts were not recovered. (bug in internationalization of saved files, main.lua)
- Fixed Hunter (TY Blosco)

- Fixed Hunter. (French & German) (TY Blosco)
- Fixed Writ of fire. ( German)
- Plugin compendium support.

- Fixed initial position of Mez Bars and extended possibility to move them down.
- Fixed again hunter...
- Minor annoyance: Message "bad argument #1 to '?' (table expected, got nil)" if one of the configuration file has been deleted. (no impact)

- Fixed Cambi tricks & riddle (TY Clément)
- Fixed FR la position "Tours d'espiègle" enclenche le décompte des tours
- Fixed: Starting combat at 0:00

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Unread 12-15-2020, 05:53 AM  
The Undying
Adra's Avatar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 126
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Je vais tester ça de ce pas, merci
Adra is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 01-08-2021, 04:33 AM  
The Wary

Forum posts: 1
File comments: 30
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What exactly do you mean by 'Beorning support'?

Many thanks for taking care of the plugin.

What exactly do you mean by 'beorning support'? Did you just remove the power bar or can the plugin now display wrath, which according to another comment is not possible because the lotroclient does not output the wrath to LUA.


Merci beaucoup de vous être occupé du plugin.

Qu'entendez-vous exactement par "Beorning support" ? Vous venez d'enlever la barre d'alimentation ou le plugin peut-il maintenant afficher la colère, ce qui, selon un autre commentaire, n'est pas possible car le client de loterie n'envoie pas la colère à LUA.
Venogorn is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 01-08-2021, 01:34 PM  
The Wary
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Re: What exactly do you mean by 'Beorning support'?

The comments are really old and in fact now the wrath is available. Therefore I have updated the plugin in order to replace the power by the wrath for the beorning. I will update the description in order to clarify this point.
loikki is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 01-25-2021, 05:42 PM  
The Wary

Forum posts: 0
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Thanks a lot for taking care of this plugin. I am verry happy about it.
Dyri is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 02-14-2021, 01:10 AM  
The Wary

Forum posts: 0
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Clearing the slots

Is it possible to clear the slots of "actions"? I did not read fully and placed some of my Burglar skills into the slots and now I can not figure out how to remove them.
greyhare is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 02-17-2021, 05:19 AM  
The Wary
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

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Re: Clearing the slots

It does not seem to be implemented. I will try to push an update in max 1 week.
In the mean time, you can go into your documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/PluginData/USERNAME/SERVER/CHARACTER_NAME/ and open with a text editor the file DU_81_Quickslot.plugindata.

Let's say that you wish to remove the slot number 4, you can simply modify the line:
["sFourData"] = "0x70003E08" into ["sFourData"] = "" and the same with the type.

I think you should be fine with this modification.
loikki is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 02-17-2021, 11:55 AM  
The Wary
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 0
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Re: Clearing the slots

It is more simple than that. In game, open the settings for palantir and then you will see the interface. Just below the quickslot, you will see a small black rectangle. If you push it, you should clean up your corresponding quickslot.
loikki is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
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