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Category: Raiding & InstancesSuperChrono: Stopwatches
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Name: SuperChrono: Stopwatches   Popular!
Date: 02-17-2013 07:44 AM
Size: 44.93 Kb
Version: 1.2.1
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Size: 10.37 Kb
Dimensions: 304 x 132
Superchrono main window
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Stopwatch definition
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SuperChrono menu (it opens when actions button is clicked)
First at all, I'm French, and I'm not fluent in English, so my typos can be... funny.

SuperChrono is a plugin to help you to track or anticipate in-game events by displaying stopwatches.

Screenshots on right are in french or in english, but the plugin will use your client language (French is ok, English is to be checked, German is English...)

A stopwatch starts when:
- you left-click on its bar
- or a specific message appears in chat log.
- or another stopwatch starts, displays orange, displays red, or resets (allowing some stopwatches to share initial event)
- combat mode starts

A stopwatch stops when
- you right-click on its bar
- or the reset value of the stopwatch is reached.
- or combat mode stops

You can define several configurations. (For example: Orthanc acid boss, another to alert when choked...)

Within a configuration, you can define many stopwatches.

Starting guide:

To install, unzip, then copy the 'kiki' folder to your plugins directory.
eg. C:\Users\..\Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins\Kiki

Load it via /plugin load SuperChrono or via a plugin manager.

The SuperChrono main window is now displayed.
You can move it by dragging the anchor icon.

The first time you start Superchrono, no configuration is defined.

Use the action button to pop the menu, and select new configuration to create a new configuration.

Your new configuration is named TBD mon amour .

To rename it, click on TBD mon amour , and enter the new name, for instance my first config.

Time is up to define your first stopwatch:
Click on the action button, then select add a new stopwatch.

This new stopwatch appears in the main window (called Named (To be defined)

To define its parameters, click on the gear icon, on the right side of the bar.
A new window is displayed in which you can specify many characteristics:

There is a more detailed explanation below, we just use some option at this time.

First, you should define its name.

Next, speficy how the stopwatch starts.
- when combat mode is on (check the checkox)
- when a text appears on chat box (enter the text) (CASE SENSITIVE)
- when another stopwatch stars (enter its name)

Then, specify timing values:
- orange display (none= no orange, 0 is immediate, N is # seconds).
- red display (none= no red, 0 is immediate, N is # seconds).

To make loops, enter a loop value.
You can also enter a restart value, so, when loop value is reached, the stopwatch will restart at this restart value (default is to restart at 0)

Specify also when stopwatch reset:
- when combat mode is off (check the checkbox)
- after a specific period of time after start (enter the value if needed).
Caveat: If both a loop value and a reset value are specified, if loop<=reset, it loops, if loop > reset it resets

You can also enter a comment to explain the goal of this stopwatch.

Click on update button

You can click on your stopwatch to start it.

You can left-click on your stopwatch to reset it.

There is some other functions....

It's up to you, enjoy it

Some detailed explanation about the stopwatch configuration window (see last image attached)

On top, name is where you define the name of the stopwatch.

Paremeters #1 to #11 are the ones which define the options of starting up.

#1 is the start value (seconds) of the counter when you click on (default is 0)
This option means, if you set #1 to 10, when you click on the stopwatch, it starts at 0:00:10.

#2 defines if this chorno is to be started when you enter combat mode.
#3 same as #1 but when combat mode starts
#4 is to enable the stopwatch to start only once when combat mode switch on (this option prevents the stopwatch to restart when you are resurected in combat)

#5 if not empty, this (case sensitive) text starts the stopwatch when the same text is found in the chatbox.
#6 & #7 same as #3 & #4, but when text matches

#8 if not empty, it enables this stopwatch to start according to another stopwatch event. In this input area, the exact name of the other stopwatch is mandatory.
#9 & #10 same as #3 & #4, but when the other stopwatch event is fired.
#11 is the type of event rised by #8 chrono who is going to start this chrono (mutually exclusive, chrono start, chrono orange, chrono red, chrono loop or chrono reset).

Next are parametres wich define color and loop.
#12 when counter reached this value, background color switchs to orange.
#14 when counter reached this value, background color switchs to red.
Progression bar as set according to current value / red value ratio.
This mean the bar will be full at red event.

#13 and #15 are blink option.

#16 is the value when the chrono restart (loop).
#17 is the value set to the chrono when it loops.

For example, #16 = 60 & #17 = 0 means a 1 minute round robbin chrono.
At 0:01:00 it will go back to 0:00:00
And #16 = 70 & #17 = 10 means also a 1 minute round robbin chrono too!
but it will display to 0:01:10 then go back to 0:00:10.

#18 is set if the timer should reset when combat mode is over.
#19 is a value the chrono resets (means, stop at these value, reenabling al start conditions)

#20 is to display the chrono as a countdown. Standard case is to display time in ascending order.
Setting this option will show the time between now and when the RED time will be reached.
Clicking this option change ONLY the displayed time. Calculations are not changed.

#21 is a free comment.

Update history:
v1.2.1 (Feb 17th 2013)
- Bug fix
v1.2.0 (Sep 30th 2012)
- Add an option to blink whole screen (Noob's flash) when chrono turns red.
- Modify setup window to be more easy to use (don't show options not yet available because a value is not already set)
- Add tooltips to labels in the setup window

v1.1.0 (Sep 29th 2012)
- Save & restaure status of chronos so they are not reset when you switch to another player. (chronos continue)

v1.0.2b (Sep 28th 2012)
- bug fix: unable to reload a previous setting

v 1.0.1 (Sep 23th 2012)
- bug fix: don't reset a stopwatch when moved.

v 1.0.0 (Sep 23th 2012)
- A text criteria can now contains newlines \n or non-breaking-spaces \s (as Finished\s:\nQuestname) (but text matches only a single chat event)
- Follow lotro ctrl-/ or ctrl-* behaviour when dragbar plugin directory is present (Superchrono loads dragbar automatically if it detects files)
- /superchrono or /sc command to show/hide superchrono window
- display the names of configurations sorted in ascending order
- added buttons to move chronometers up/down within the list.

v 0.2.0 (Sept. 2 - 2012)
- Modifications are saved automatically
- Added AT value on each start type
- Added ONCE option on each start type
- Added related stopwatch event type selection
- Added blink options
- Added display as countdown option
- Added import/export facility
- log.tga removed (size is 900Ko less than before)

v 0.1.0b: Fix bug when stopwatch's name changed
v 0.1.0 : Initial version (with some features missing)

Update Requests & Known bugs:
* Allow change font & UI size of main window
* Filter Message tracker (to find specific message)
* Add a chat command to start a specific chrono (so /shortcut can bind it to a key) ([email protected])


There is a file named LANGUAGES.LUA, and I'm not fluent in English, and my German is a shame !

Feel free to update it & send it back to me.

Comments are welcome !

** Request:
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The Undefeated
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German Translation

Translation in german is near 80% ready. I will upload it when finished.
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Great work on your new plugin. I've added it to Plugin Compendium.
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