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the_archer 02-15-2008 10:49 AM

Problem with Buff/Debuff display

I have a little problem with the display of the buffs/debuffs below the characterportrait..
they are so very small that it is really hard to recognize them. Playing as a bard i found it pretty important to know which ballads are currently running, but with these small icons it tooks too much time to identify them, in most cases i have to roll the mouse over them to get the tooltip to actually see what buff is running.

is there any way to scale this up, or at least move them to another position? from what i've seen it is only possible to scale the complete characterportrait up, but this is not what it want..

Thanks for the help!

Tennessee 02-15-2008 03:04 PM

at this time i can only move the PlayerEffectDisplay not sure if you can size them. Curently i am tryin to size the hp/power bars with no luck.
just change the x and y on the PlayerEffectDisplay to where ya want it in the 274w 130h box(PanelFile). Hope this helps.


<PanelFile ID="ID_UISkin_AvatarPanel">
  <Element ID="Toolbar_Quickslot_Extended_Scaler" X="283" Y="596" Width="460" Height="105">
    <Element ID="Toolbar_Quickslot_Extended" X="40" Y="0" Width="420" Height="105"></Element>
  <Element ID="AvatarPanel" X="2" Y="2" Width="274" Height="130">
    <Element ID="VitalsParent" X="0" Y="20" Width="274" Height="110">
      <Element ID="VitalsBg" X="88" Y="42" Width="175" Height="27"></Element>
      <Element ID="VitalsField" X="96" Y="34" Width="168" Height="42"></Element>
      <Element ID="AvatarPanel_BG" X="-1" Y="1" Width="273" Height="105"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerPortrait" X="21" Y="21" Width="64" Height="64"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerVitals_Animations" X="2" Y="0" Width="277" Height="104"></Element>
      <Element ID="AvatarPanel_COVER_LOWRES" X="22" Y="21" Width="64" Height="62"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerLevel_BG" X="21" Y="78" Width="65" Height="32"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerLeaderIcon" X="74" Y="68" Width="16" Height="16"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerAssistantIcon" X="74" Y="68" Width="16" Height="16"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerVoiceChat" X="71" Y="11" Width="20" Height="20"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerVoiceChatSquelched" X="71" Y="11" Width="20" Height="20"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerSendingData" X="71" Y="11" Width="20" Height="20"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerName" X="87" Y="3" Width="176" Height="36"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerEffectDisplay" X="92" Y="74" Width="169" Height="44"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerLevel" X="35" Y="84" Width="32" Height="17"></Element>
      <Element ID="PlayerPVP_Info" X="-4" Y="-3" Width="34" Height="98">
        <Element ID="PlayerPVP_RankDisplay" X="2" Y="0" Width="32" Height="32"></Element>
        <Element ID="PlayerPVP_PrestigeDisplay" X="0" Y="20" Width="34" Height="78"></Element>

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