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Zhoken 05-06-2009 04:20 AM

Role Playing UI
Greetings all!

What I'd like to know is if it would be possible to create a UI that would not show the toobar, radar or vitals but only the chatbox.
I know I could simple reduce the sizes of all of this things but I'd really enjoy if I could have a clean screen with only the chatbox for when I am role playing.

Is such a thing even possible? If so how?



daimon 05-06-2009 06:04 AM

should be pretty much doable. when i try to think of it there are only a few elements which you can't make go away: vital indicators, main quickslot icons, fellowship vitals and ... mm i think thats all.

and you can switch off the other quickslot bars and the minimap from the options.

Zhoken 05-06-2009 02:29 PM

I suppose that the toolbar at the bottom of the screen is what I would most like to 'not show' or be invisible. I don't mean the quick slots but the bar around that. How would I go about doing that? I have some experience with modding UI and such (from other games) is there a color that lotro 'sees' as invisible? I like some other games?

Either way, thank you for the response :)


daimon 05-07-2009 06:22 AM

you just need to find the correct ArtAssetID's and make a transparent .TGA picture (using alpha layers, there are guides for that even at this site somewhere)

for example you could make a SkinDefinition.xml file that would only have these lines in it:


<Mapping ArtAssetID="LetterBoxBottom" FileName="invisible.tga" />
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop" FileName="invisible.tga" />
<Mapping ArtAssetID="opponent_vitals_backdrop" FileName="invisible.tga" />

That would make mainbar and vitals invisible though there are several elements on them that you need to process as well so there would be nothing left (like menu/bag buttons on the mainbar). Best way to find these is to download latest Skin Art Pack and browse the pictures to get the correct filenames for tags.

There are several "minimal" ui's on the site too if you haven't noticed. with a little tweak you might be able to update those for the current version of lotro.

Grimgroth 05-30-2009 01:22 PM

Here's a try : http://www.lotrointerface.com/downlo...PlayingUI.html.

Nothing but the chat windows.

Not really good for fights, but screenshot-friendly on roleplaying evenings :)

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