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Cairenn 02-24-2011 03:18 AM

LotRO™ Update 2: Echoes of the Dead, Coming Soon!

Ancient and powerful evil rises from the heart of Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings Online™ Update 2: Echoes of the Dead. Sauron’s dread servants, the Gaunt-lords, bring plague and death across the land in the wake of the Rangers’ departure. It falls to you to turn back the tide of darkness and protect the Free Peoples. Upgrades to the Legendary Items system put epic power in your hands and get you ready for the fight. New instances and a fearsome new raid bring you face to face with the evil growing around you. New encounters, new powers, new foes, and more will prepare you for a battle that is just beginning.

The Epic Story

The Rangers of the Grey Company have uncovered a mystery in the depths of Enedwaith, one that threatens the secrecy of their quest. At the heart of it is the enigmatic dwarf Nár and his surprising knowledge of their road and their duty to Aragorn. Unraveling this mystery will take you into battle against a darkness whose root lies in the Second Age of Middle-earth…

4 New Instances

The Town of Stoneheight:

The shadow erupts in the town of Stoneheight on the North Downs, where Ivar the Gaunt-lord spreads destruction as he searches for his helm of power.

Northcotton Farm:

Thadúr the Ravager has brought festering venom into the heart of the Shire and seeks to spread his poison to every Hobbit hole and hall.

The Lost Temple:

In a forgotten temple of ancient Arnor, Ferndúr the Virulent seeks to unleash plague and terror upon Middle-earth.

The Glacier Fortress:

Drugoth, master of death and fear, is assembling an army of walking dead atop an icebound fortress deep in the heart of Forochel.

New Raid: Ost Dunhoth!

Gortheron, greatest of the Gaunt-lords, summons the power of death itself in the cursed ziggurat of Ost Dunhoth. In a new 12-person Raid, you must bring the battle to this deadly servant of Sauron and stop him before he raises his underlings to new powers and completes his dominion.

Legendary Items: Better Than Ever!

Customize your Legendary Items like never before. Preserve your treasured legacies during reforge and bring them to the next chapter of the battle. The all new Relic system allows you to refine extra relics into Shards. Meld Shards into powerful unique relics, scrolls and unidentified Legendary Items.

Additional Features

New Skirmishes:

Three new Skirmishes erupt from the depths of Moria. Beyond the barriers of the 21st Hall, in the nighted gulf of the Deepway, and along the Way of the Smiths, defend the brave dwarves of the Iron Garrison from the hordes of Mazog. These Skirmishes are waiting for you to test your mettle and hone your skills whenever the call of battle sounds.

Monster Play Update:

With improved Monster Play, being evil has never felt so good. A tutorial and more starting skills get you ready to take on the world. Jump right in and fight on the side of the enemy!

Volume 2 Epic Story Solo Play:

Now you can go it alone through the depths of Moria and the shadows of Angmar. The Volume 2 epic story is revamped for solo play and ready for a hero.

Evendim Overhaul:

Return to the hills of Evendim, where you helped reforge the Blade that was Broken, and reclaim the land from the forces of the Shadow. Over a hundred new quests have been added and new quest rewards have been updated to allow for better solo play and better quality gear.

MrJackdaw 02-24-2011 05:08 PM

Any word on changes to the UI or Lua?

Eili 02-25-2011 10:27 AM

Unfortunatly i think we have to deal with the fact that we will not be able anymore to work on UI.

About LUA i truly hope that you will be able to get more care than the UI had.

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