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Dolby 07-14-2010 03:36 PM

Lua support coming to LOTRO's UI!
Meghan Rodberg, Senior Manager of Community for Turbine talks to "Set on Stun" about Free to Play coming to Lord of The Rings Online. In this interview it is revealed that with the launch of their free to play features turbine is adding Lua support to allow people to customize their UI much like World of Warcraft.

LoTROInterface will be working on upgrading this site in the near future to accomodate lua AddOns by adding many of the features we use on our WoWInterface site.

Thanks to Sparr for pointing out this is now public knowledge. It was hard for us not to say anything.

unclecid 07-15-2010 09:36 AM

Frelorn, a dev had this to say on the LUA script thing...


We wanted to clarify a few things about the potential implementation of LUA scripting. As it stands right now, the LUA scripting ability is completely controlled by us and its use is limited.

The Framework API, which controls what can and cannot be done, is separated into two main functional areas. The Framework API provides the basic structure of the scripts (classes), UI creation (windows, buttons, images, etc.), and a controlled setting to receive input, events, and actions generated by the game. The Gameplay API provides access to internal gameplay systems. The first pass of the gameplay API includes access to your own character's vitals, the ability to interface with quickslots, and the methods for interacting with items in your inventory.

So what does this all mean? Right now, given the limitations we have in place, the “plugins” players can create are restricted to the above Gameplay API areas. They can change some of your UI elements, add built in HUDS and allow for things like a travel panel or a single window inventory bag. Our intent is to not allow players to make “plugins” that will give them any kind of advantage over other players. The main idea here is that LUA allows the players the ability to customize their user interface the way they want to.

We are going to handle things very carefully as we move forward; to be very clear, LUA Scripting is still in the early stages of testing and we don’t yet have a date for when the system will go live.

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