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Marobs 05-04-2020 07:28 PM

In local an error

i have write my own script in minecraft computercraft, but now i do get a n error with some thing i dont understand.

can some one please help me with this?

in my script on line 23 i have:

local orientations = ("North", "East", "South", "West")

but if i run the script it directly give the error:

line 23, ) expected

but as u see there is one to close it.
so i dont understand why i do get this error.
i looked at the wiki page of computercraft for the lue tables and made the above from the info i did get there.

what is wrong here???

Marobs 05-04-2020 08:22 PM

found the error
the () had to be {}


local orientations = {"North", "East", "South", "West"}

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