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Cleitanious 10-14-2008 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by Supermax (Post 3011)
Oh! You know I was thinking about that. I could definetly do that for sure. I'll look into it today. Do you think that the colour coordination on the bags would help new players? I found when first playing the bag system was a little complicated because you start off with 5 bags.

Thanks for the reply Cleitanious. You should do another kin version of this once it comes out. ;)

Very rough example showing my idea. :)

I will definitely make a kin version for this when it comes out, it would be a lot more fitting for my Kinship then what I'm using now. :)

Supermax 10-15-2008 03:13 PM

Would they need to be green/yellow/red or could I use a colour that more stays in the scheme.

Any ideas?

Cleitanious 10-16-2008 12:24 PM

Well It's your UI, so w/e you want of course. I was just sayin' how I would do it. :)

Supermax 12-14-2008 04:53 AM

New MoM Icon Art and Placement
So I'm hoping to release a version of Men of the West for MoM. I've been playing around with some art for the toolbar buttons.

Take a look.

Cleitanious 12-14-2008 09:03 AM

Lookin' Fantastic

Fuz 12-16-2008 09:30 AM

Love it, can't wait to use it. :)

Just a little suggestion: get your name off the skin and maybe the skin name too), I don't have (clearly) anything against your rights on the skin, but I think it kills the mood quite a lot.
(referring on the images on the first page of the thread)

Supermax 12-16-2008 03:57 PM

Thanks for the kind words!

The only place my name is included in the skin is on LotroInterface.com. My name is not visible anywhere in game (not even the UI selection menu in the options panel, or the directory of the skin itself.) Due to the time and effort I've put in to the skin, among other things, I wish to leave the title as is.

My name and the title on the first group of images serve only as water marks for those particular pictures. Those watermarks are not placed on to any of the images used in-game.

That being said if the title does become an issue with people, I will change it.

Thank you Fuz, for your honest opinion.

Supermax 12-21-2008 03:21 PM

Gambit UI Art
So I've been hard at work on the UI and managed to come up with some Gambit art that I'm pretty happy with. Let me know what you think:

Supermax 12-21-2008 05:14 PM


Working more on the gambit UI art, I now have something that looks like this:

md9066 12-22-2008 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by Supermax (Post 3138)

Working more on the gambit UI art, I now have something that looks like this:

Looks absolutely awesome (goes really well with the rest of your UI)! I wonder what the RK attunement meter would look like once you got your art hands on it. :P ^_^

Keep up the insanely good work!
And May the stars watch over you.

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