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Weezl 07-03-2007 05:32 AM

Add docking ability to elements

Please add the option to define a docking mode for an element instead of a constant coordinate value.

If I give the toolbar a new position to be at the bottom of the screen based on my fullscreen resolution and then swaps to windowed mode, the toolbar gets "invisible" (below the edge of the window.

Should there be any problem implementing this docking feature I do think a change is necessary for the docking of additional quickbars. As for now the quickbars are correctly moved up (lower Y value) to be visible in windowed mode, wich the toolbar itsel isn't. However, I think that the entire size and position of the toolbar is relatively scaled according to the difference between full screen resolution and window mode resolution (the height is more decrased than the width, and i'm changing from 1680x1050 to about 1640x900). The result of this rescale is that my default quickbar gets smaller (icons gets wider) than the additional quickbars wich do not rescale at all.


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