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Addon Equivalents

Back in the day when WoW was good, I was a top-ranked tank. Addons are pretty helpful in making that happen. When I quit WoW and went on to Lotro some time after, they didn't have support for plugins and it was a bit disappointing. I come back to this game very recently to find out they do and that's great! However, I can't find many addons here that match a function or style of an addon I had for WoW.

So I come to the people who've been around Lotro in my absence and might know what I'm talking about. I'm looking for addons like:

Omen - an action bar addon that displayed the remaining CD of skills on it's icon.

IceHuD - a resource addon that displayed HP and the user's class resource on either side of the character in vertical curved bars.

Recount - an addon that provided a small window listing DPS, healing, damage taken, interrupts, threat, etc. for your raid.

Bartender - another action bar addon that allowed you to VERY extensively modify all your action bars.

These 4 UI addons were amazing additions to someone's toolset, and it'd be great to have them or something like them on here. Appreciate any help finding these!
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