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Originally Posted by Bogumil
There is also no addon like Bartender that has Bartender's full funtionality - custom toolbars from any addon are not replacements for the ingame quickslot bars and cannot be keybinded in LOTRO. You can only resize, move around the ingame bars and switch their orientation between horizontal/vertical. Additional plugin toolbars are helpful for skills you only use by clicking them.
Only way to make it remotely work with the custom toolbars and keybindings is to have your keybinds set to the stock toolbars and then making custom toolbars alike. After that disabling the stock toolbars from the options (mind that you can't make the shortcut one bar vanish, only with a custom skin that is possible). That's how I've cleared my UI from the clutter, it takes quite a bit work though but works pretty well if you use keybindings.
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