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Originally Posted by Bogumil
There are no addons like Omen - you have to manage your threat by developing a 6th sense for it. It is not even possible to write one, as no necessary APIs and/or data are available for addon authors.
Guardian threat numbers during Mirkwood, I think. The data's gettable. It's just most of the time no one bothers to get it.

You can track skill usage, results, and targets via the combat log.

Generally you only have to watch out for losing aggro to DPS. And since DPS is primarily generating their threat through damage, you can track that based on the amount of damage the mob has taken.

It's perfectly possible to write a threat meter (assuming some allowances for inaccuracies, due to the fact that the API isn't really designed to do it directly). Not that I'd hold my breath on it happening any time soon.
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