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Originally Posted by moebius92
Guardian threat numbers during Mirkwood, I think. The data's gettable. It's just most of the time no one bothers to get it.

You can track skill usage, results, and targets via the combat log.

Generally you only have to watch out for losing aggro to DPS. And since DPS is primarily generating their threat through damage, you can track that based on the amount of damage the mob has taken.

It's perfectly possible to write a threat meter (assuming some allowances for inaccuracies, due to the fact that the API isn't really designed to do it directly). Not that I'd hold my breath on it happening any time soon.
Well, so it is possible to track the amount of threat you generate on a mob by parsing the combat log. WoW threat meters used to work like this a long time ago, before the necessary APIs were made available. However, there are several issues here:

- you need accurate and ideally always up-to-date data how much threat a skill generates, could be accomplished by lots of testing and frequent addon updates
- this does not work very well in situations when there are several enemy NPCs with identical names - they show up under the same name in the combat log (or is there some hidden meta data available via APIs that allows you to differentiate between NPCs?)
- probably most important: the biggest benefit of a threat meter is not there; you only have your own combat log, but not the combat log of other fellowship/raid members - and no way of knowing whether their generated threat on an NPC is bigger or smaller than yours
- even if you were able to somehow accomplish this, you would need accurate data for generated threat for every skill of every class, so you can track threat for all fellowship/raid members
- parsing the combat log of 12 or even 24 raid members and managing a threat table for them would very probably become a huge resource hog

So while some data can be gathered and an addon can be created, there is no Omen equivalent, i.e. the feature to track the threat generated by others is not there/data cannot be gathered so far.

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