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Point me & others in the right direction?

Hello everybody...

Basically ever since I played WoW and now have moved on to LOTRO, i've seen MODs and UI Skins. There have been some really great ones out there, and I for one are always very appreciative of what you guys and gals do when developing these things for others that don't develop these things.

So as one of those people that just download all you guys hard work and are greatful for it.

I would like to try my hand in developing my own UI Skins for LOTRO.

So the question is: Where do I start?

I have read the 2 Stickys in this thread, there was alot of information there, and i'm sure i'll be refering to it soon. However at this point i'm an extream noob when it comes to SKINNING the UI... so those posts I fear are a bit advanced to me at this point.

So where do I start?

What do I need?

What will help me best in making my own SKINs?

Any information, tips, and suggestion would be greatly appreciated!
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