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Originally Posted by Aalwein
Start by downloading the default ui skin art (see news post on main page) and a nice TGA image editor (most people around here probably use Photoshop). Then go to work. Make up some fancy images. Use the alpha channel of the TGA to create transparent backgrounds (black in the alpha channel = 100% transparent).

Use the default SkinDefinition.xml file as a reference to replace the default art with yours. You might have to experiment a little to figure out which art is what in game, but most are labeled pretty obviously.

And thats the basics. Download a handful of skins from this site to use as a learning crutch and you'll be well on your way.
Okay, I downloaded the Default UI Skin Art, found the SkinDefinition.xml file in there as a basis to start playing with it.

PROBLEM: The files are all .TGA files... It appears I don't have any programs on my computer to call those up.. What do I do? I'm assuming thats what I need Photo Shop for?

PROBLEM: The other thing I am curious about is how do I edit XML files? Notepad? I think this is correct, cuz i've already edited some of the SKINs for my current resolution, etc. etc.

Again, thank you in advance! I appologize for the very NOOBish questsions. I have played WoW and now LOTRO and constantly took it for granted and downloaded other peoples hard work, time, and effort.. Now I would like to learn this whole thing for myself and help contribute!

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