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Sheldie even mentioned that it's possible with Gimp. That's three different programs

I just played around and made another skin.
This time I created a script that coloured things in a blue tone again, only I had
the saturation set to max.
Then I went and put a wax coating effect into the script and had that run over
the big pile.

Again I noticed that the colouring thing was overdoing it.
So I went and opened the PSP file browser, which displayed (almost) all images
as thumbnails without the suggested conversion.
Then I opened two explorer windows, one containing the source files of the art
pack, one containing my new skin. I picked out the ranges of images that contained
classes, marking things, toggle on/off, and and and. I copied and pasted images
into the test folder with the new skin, overwriting them.
Again and again I was able to see instant changes by selecting skin 'none' and
reselecting my test skin in the Risia client. I didn't want to play, just test,
didn't want to get molested by plat farmers, get ninjaed by ignorants etc., hence
Risia. Surprise, it was empty LOL

Anyway, when I was 'done' shock hit me. My hotbars! They had all gone back
to the original colour, apart from bar #1.

So I went digging, opened literally all images and closed one by one until I found
the right ones. They're called detach_* by the way

Here's the outcome:

If wanted, I'll give it a name and upload it here again.
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