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Yeah I just run a batch process over everything because I'm lazy and wanted to
test it.

Sorry for the delay, M6 came live in Europe on Thursday and I had to beat the
raid first

Firstly, make the fitting folder in your DDO screenshot folder and copy the images
in. I didn't get it to work anywhere else. The guide on the DDO forums really
drove me mad because it just wouldn't work for me.

Pick one random image and copy it someplace else. You'll need it as trial image
to create the script.

Open the trial image/drag it into PSP.
  • File -> Script -> Start recording
    • Adjust (5th option in the worded menu line)
    • Colour & Saturation
    • Colourize (SHIFT L)
    • Choose a colour and saturation. (blue and pink were both 100%)
    • Save the file
  • File -> Script -> Save recorded

In your PSP folder you have two scripts folders. You need to save it in Scripts (trustworthy) or it will spit out an error message when you run the batch process.
  • File -> Batch process
    • Choose your script. You'll see the option in the middle of the window.
    • Browse - choose your skin folder and click select all.
    • Click start (2nd group of buttons to the right, middle button) and wait.

This takes a few minutes but then it's done. Just make sure you follow the rest
of the instrutions on how to rename the skin and where to put the files to make
it work.

Hope this makes sense.
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