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Update on the next update:
  • All code has been split into several LUA files. This mainly makes it much easier for me, seeing as it was starting to get quite heavy on code but it should also be lighter on the users client slightly.
  • Changed the Highlighter select window to a scrollable list. It has a problem in that i cant get it to select the highlighter in the list, when the profile has been changed or CombatSwap has changed the profile (the ID of the items in the list change on every load of the plugin. It only allows a mouse click to select an item in the list. Its an API issue, that doesnt support alternative methods), but that is a minor detail and something that shouldnt be a problem for anyone.
  • When Combat Swap is on, all MCHA's UI parts that cant be used will be disabled and greyed out.
All in all, its alot tighter and cleaner plugin.


The extra stuff mentioned in the last post hasnt been started on (in code terms that is). Im undecided at this moment on wether i should add them to MCHA or make a new plugin for them and add other things that ive been wanting to tackle onto the new plugin.

The name, MCHA doesnt seem right for it to be stretched into other functions that are not really mouse orientated, but on the other hand, having the one plugin with more functions is alot more effecient than having many plugins. So im very undecided on this :s
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