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Talking about Buff/Debuff display


Some ideas:

- Make it possible to have a "Bigger" version of the buffs/debuffs besides the Minimap (like in WoW)
- To avoid the interface being overwhelmed by tons of debuffs there, make it possible that only *deadly* debuffs (like Udunion debuff) will be displayed
in this area. Other debuffs would get categorized and would see only one
image per category (for example "wound debuff") and a number telling how many. Deadly debuffs would be their own category.
- With Buffs make it possible to have a list of all buff-types and to select which are visible on the seperate list and which not.
- In the Raid UI, as to buffs/debuffs visible there make options like
"only show curable debuffs" (debuffs where I have the potions to cure
them in my inventory), "only show buffs caused by my class", "only show buffs", "only show debuffs". For mobs "only show debuffs caused by my class" and "only show deadly buffs" might be interesting. Actually a
"only show deadly debuffs" option would be interesting for your own debuffs.

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