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Unread 06-12-2010, 02:18 AM
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*Signing in*

I was as surprised as you about the lack of skinning but...

...to be honest there aren't that many skins for WoW either - a lot of custom UI's using other peoples addons;
  • Dominos or somesuch to move the bars and hide art
  • Buffalo or somesuch to move/change the buffs

The rest of wow ui's is things like clique and threat meters - things that cannot be done in lotro.

To move things in this game it is a keypress - no need for skinning - so there is only really the toolbar and unit frames that need massive attention. Given that what we can do with these things is *relatively* limited I think that is why there isn't as much around.

But what *is* around is of amazing quality!
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