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Plugin Icon Trays

Hail and well met,

I'm planning on implementing a couple of different minimap rings to fill that wasted corner behind them and give a place to drop all our plugin icons.

{{Had to remove the pics, I'll put em back up when make one from another skin}}

Thats an easy one, just have an appropriate filler in that corner with spots to drop your icons and make an option for putting the mini map at the lower right as well to satisfy those that have ther map down there.

{{Had to remove the pics, I'll put em back up when make one from another skin}}

Edit: Just threw this pic together to demonstrate what I'm thinking and immediately ran into an obvious problem. I'm using Gimp as I cannot afford Photoshop and my copy of Paint.net died, and cannot figure out how to stretch the layer. I can re-size the canvas, but anything pasted off the side of the original layer just disappears... Any Ideas? I increased the scal of the original TGA, cleared the minimap ring completely and re-pasted it at the original scale, but I'm not sure how this will affect the allignment in game.

Further, for me at least I always use Tonic Bars and have that Travel bar and General bar on the right side below my minimap. As a temporary measure I plan on putting a second tray extending down from my altered minimap. Only instead of just having a tray to put my bars in, I'm going to put the Milestone skill icon from in-game over where the port bar will be, a good horse icon or goat icon (depending on racial skin) for the stable, maybe the racial sneak icon for racial travel options, an anvil for crafting, fishing pole for hobby, the skirmish banner for skirmish, and not sure what to put in the last (class) spot.

Now thats a temporary measure because the 2 things I'm wondering is, 1 is it possible to make an entirely new UI bar elements similar to the toolbar just smaller that can be moved and scaled just like the rest of the UI. And 2, can you guys think of anything I can do to improve this idea?

Hope this helps some of you as well,

Jered Wolffe

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