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Unread 08-28-2011, 04:09 PM
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Thanks for chiming in Digital Utopia,

But I wasn't thinking of changing any of the existing plugins, there are too many different skins to try and match. I was thinking of a bar made up of the two ends and a center length, (so the length could be changed). The graphics would be simple, made by anyone who has an interest. Then with an overlay of of 1-12 slot squares. As an added feature or maybe later on down the road introduce an option to put graphics on the squares from a drop down of available icons drawn from those in the game.

I'd like to emphasize that this would be a specialty plugin separate from any quickbar plugins. If you want it, you generate and drop this graphic bar, and then place your quickbars over it. I know there might not be a lot of people who would be interested in this, but there just might be enough to make it worth while.

Hope that clarifies it some,

Jered Wolffe
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