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As a top-ranked WoW-player myself, I would like to warn you warn you about having too much of a WoW approach to playing this game, it will will hurt you in places. Both in terms of your playing performance and in terms of enjoying the game. Some things just work differently here, and requiring equivalents of particular addons for playing makes me believe you are making some of the same errors I did when I switched to playing LOTRO. Remarkably, there were and are many LOTRO players who did and do all available content without any addons, because none were available in the past, and they did it will all the hurdles the default LOTRO UI presents (like very small debuff icons on you you have to react to, for example.)

There are no addons like Omen - you have to manage your threat by developing a 6th sense for it. It is not even possible to write one, as no necessary APIs and/or data are available for addon authors.

There is also no addon like Bartender that has Bartender's full funtionality - custom toolbars from any addon are not replacements for the ingame quickslot bars and cannot be keybinded in LOTRO. You can only resize, move around the ingame bars and switch their orientation between horizontal/vertical. Additional plugin toolbars are helpful for skills you only use by clicking them.

CombatAnalysis is a nicely made combat log parser that will help you evaluate your own performance - but only your own combat log is available in your client, so you will not be able to compare with others. I believe this is intended by the developers, as they do not want discrimination based on "playing performance by numbers" in their game.

For Morale (it is not called HP in this game) I suggest moving your character panel into the lower middle instead of the default upper corner, helps tremendously.

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