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Originally Posted by magill
This question is probably for the Site Admins as much as anybody else. (I don't know how this site is operated.)

I just decided to play with some different plugins.

LPC gives me a nice sortable (multiple ways) list of plugin names.
However, when I come back to this website -- they are impossible to find.

I have to go back to LPC to find the category, and then hunt through the category till I find the one I'm looking for.

Once found I can add it to my favorites, so I can find it again later with minimum of effort.

So the question is -- can we have an alphabetic listing of plugins (maybe sortable in the same way that LPC sorts them -- Name/Author/Category.)

This would make finding particular plugins much easier.

I should add -- a list of ALL plugins, not just by category.
I'm glad you added "I should add -- a list of ALL plugins, not just by category." since I was about to say that you can sort alphabetically [within each category]. I don't think there is currently anywhere on the site where you can get an alphabetized list of every single file on the site. I'll check with Dolby when he gets back from vacation, though.

As for trying to find a specific file on the site, just put the name in the download search box.
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