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Interesting idea. I didn't notice that function, back when I was trying to get target effects to work.

I don't think you can create the objects directly; nor is there any enumeration of all possible effects. I think the best you can do is save all of the effects into a hash as you receive them from EffectAdded events or EffectList:Get(). Of course, if you are maintaining that hash, there's no reason to call the Contains() function. Just do a direct hash table lookup.

In case it's not clear, I mean maintaining a list of the form

   [effectObject1] -> true,
   [effectObject2] -> true,
   [effectObject3] -> true
so you can use Lua's built-in hash function to see if an effectObject is present in the list.

I still have my fingers crossed that the situation will be improved in U24.

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