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The Mines of Moria - User Interface (Preview)

Hello everyone,

after I started again with LotRo I decided to create a new interface. I thought about a topic, and decided to call the interface like the addon "Mines of Moria". I was always a fan of the official Website, and so I decided to create an interface based on graphics and arts from this site. I think it perfectly fits into the world of LotRo, and what can I say, it does!

Anyway, I just started (a week) ago, so it is early alpha, but some parts are allready up and running, like the minimap, vitals, or the bottom bar. Now I have to change all the small graphics, which needs much more time. At the moment I think a first downloadable version will be released mid january.

Later there'll be a version without bags and menu, but for now it'll be like this!

I won't fulfil any wishes from other people. It takes alot of time if you create a new interface, and every extra means even more time, and also it'll be harder to keep it updated. I hope you know what I am talking about.

Here I'll give you a small preview, nothing is 100% finished, changes are allways possible, but so far it looks good ingame.

Here we go:

Preview Minimap
Preview Vitals
Preview Skill Bar

Here you can see an ingame preview: Preview (attention: this is an early stage, there're a few mistakes here [like level not centered])

I hope you like it so far! More updates will come soon.

Take care,


P.s.: Sorry if my written english isn't that perfect, it isn't my native language.

Unfortunately I cannot post it on the LotRo.com-forums as I am an EU User. :|

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