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Turbine posts a Game Systems: Custom UI Skinning in LOTRO article

Game Systems: Custom UI Skinning in LOTRO
In The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM: Shadows of AngmarTM (LOTRO), players can customize certain elements of the game's user interface (UI), also known as "skinning." While we don't allow you to do a full-scale UI replacement, we do give you the ability to replace selected visual elements of the UI. (A full list of these elements and their sizes is provided at the end of this overview.)

This is an updated (and prettied up) version of the information that had originally been posted in their Beta forums which we had copied to our Developer Discussions - Tutorials & Other Helpful Information forum. It is a combination of the Skinning the LOTRO UI and Art Assets posts.

/edit I have now copied their pretty version over, so it is now available here as well. The more places authors can find the info, the better it is for the community.
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