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A Couple of Quick Questions


I was just wondering if any of you could help with a couple of questions please.

1: On the hotbars there are letters and numbers(to show you the keys to press), is there a way to get rid of these so when icons are place in them they dont show up ?

2: If anyone knows the files names for these parts;

A) The War progress bar and Reputation progress bars

B) On the menu where you change and equip your titles what is the files for the highlight, select/active, default, and mouseover for the title box.

C) In your skills menu what is the file for mouse over. I've found the one for the borders but when I mouse over the skills part the box stays the same.

Thats all I need left to finish up my skin for now. If any of you could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. Well thanks for your time
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