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Nameless Skin - Some questions for users, or just give me feedback :)

Hello all,

I am brand new to LotRO and I just hated the default UI so right away I got into skinning it (plus I enjoy messing with code/graphics as much as playing games)
I at first was creating it specifically for me but decided to show it to see who would be interested, if anyone. If so, what resolutions do you all use.
The thing is very resolution specific so just changing a value in the XML will not work for other resolutions, I will actually have to make different size images for other resolutions.
The theme is sorta an Elf / Forest type theme, as this is something I quite like. It's it similar to the Spirit of Elfwood theme around here (Which is great)..but the images are brighter..a little more are the cartoony side than realistic. Made for hunter (for starters..if interest I will expand it to all classes)

So if anyone is interested, let me know what resolution you use, and any features you want or don't want etc. Keep in mind the skin is made FOR me..and I just chose to share...so I may or may not put features in.

Here are some images of what I have so far (One in attachment, one below)

In the attached image (sorry didn't feel like putting the info in the screenshot, yet)

-Left side: Gems are the Menu buttons, I myself do not use menu buttons..but left those in for people who do.
-Middle-Left: The circle/icon with the swords is the autoattack button
-Middle-Center: The little circles in the stone is the focus meter, it fills up with Gems
-Middle-Bottom: This is obviously the XP bar
-Right side (left): These are the bag icons (clearly)
-Right side (far): The up arrow is the start menu button


[Note, the graphics are not completely custom by me, many of the elements came from one of my favorite games, King's Bounty. Some of them are custom made, others are major or minor edits etc..when/if released all credits will be posted]
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