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Originally Posted by daimon
I made a poll on the CM forums a few months ago about what resolutions people use. It got a bit screwed as I forgot a few important ones. The most used one is 1680x1050 according to it, followed by 1920x1200, 1920x1080 and 1280x1024


Easiest would be if you'd try to shrunk your custom mainbar into lotro's original mainbar size so you wouldn't have to touch the code for it.

If you do however want it to cower the whole bottom area for different resolutions it might get a bit tricky as you need to keep seperate skindefs up to date and users have to change some file names etc.

Tip: Use high Y value to move the bar to bottom.. it doesn't matter how high value you use as Lotro's UI won't let the objects overflow from the screen so you don't have to worry about different height values for different resolutions (just use something like Y="3000" or so). Same goes with stuff on the right side. If you wanna align it to left obviously X="0" then.. might save you some trouble.

Modifying the mainbar code has some disadvantages: Users need to relog to get it work properly. Swapping between windowed and fullscreen will dislocate the bar and to get it right again relog is needed.
Hey great tips, thanks. I may remake the skin to be just the size of the original size...that way it's easier to cross browswer it..although I really do like it going across my whole screen, but I guess it isn't entirely necessary.

About the X, Y value things, are you saying that if you put for instance X=3000 that it will align it to the right no matter what resolution you are using? that's handy, didn't know you could do this.

I've noticed almost every skin I used had that mess up with you go windowed mode..it's a real pain...how do I get around that? You said edited anything in the mainbar causes it? If so then there's no way around it..?

Thanks in advance (Your skin is one that inspired me to make my own btw, I was using it (Moria one)
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