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Originally Posted by Agollas
With a plugin I'm working on, I may have found a solution to the cheating problem, that i just wanted to run by you, to see if you think it would work:

What if you enclosed instructions/data inside the <Select:IID:....> tags, with a randomly chosen user ID? That way it would stop people from cheating, unless they wrote their own plugin to send that data?

Thanks for your time again

Unfortunately, the "unless they wrote their own plugin" is the problem. Writing a basic Lua plugin is something anybody with even basic high school computer science knowledge can easily do. Heck, my 12 year old daughter is capable of far more complex programming. More sophisticated coding does exist but cheating would not require any sophistication. It is far too easy to display the raw chat. Additionally, it is far too easy to simply modify their own copy of the plugin - there's no way for the plugin to guarantee that the client is the unmodified client and for a card game that makes it just far too easy to cheat.

The best solution I came up with was for the dealer to control the game and broadcast only those cards that should be shown 'face up' and to send all other info via private message. It would work fairly well as long as the dealer wasn't cheating since if any of the other clients claimed to have a card that the dealer knew it hadn't dealt they could be called out and booted from the game. Unfortunately the handshaking of the private tells got excessive and just wasn't worth the hassle. I've occasionally looked at the interface to see if there was a way to streamline the communication but it always winds up being ugly and I always have far more important things on the ToDo list so it gets dropped for another year.
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