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Originally Posted by Garan
This sounds like the issue I mentioned where an account doesn't have the specific user chat channel enabled in their chat filters on at least one chat tab.

For instance, if user1 has the custom channel in user chat 1 (uc1) and user2 had the custom channel in user chat 2 (uc2) then user 1 must have uc1 enabled in their chat filters and user 2 must have uc2 enabled in their chat filters. If user 2 has uc1 enabled but not uc2, they will not get the messages. I would recommend double checking the chat filters on the client that is not receiving the messages - if they display in the chat window but are still not received by the plugin then it is a different issue (are you sure your plugin is monitoring the correct user chat channel on each client?)
Thanks again, yeah I was testing it and had it just repeating anything that was logged in chat.

If I typed /tell agorlas hi,

it would only repeat agorlas tells you: 'hi'

but wouldn't repeat you tell agorlas hi, even though that appears in the chat window.

Edit: Sorry, just realised I posted on the wrong section, it's meant to be for LoTRO, although I'm assuming it's similar for both?

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