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Originally Posted by Agollas
Thanks again, yeah I was testing it and had it just repeating anything that was logged in chat.

If I typed /tell agorlas hi,

it would only repeat agorlas tells you: 'hi'

but wouldn't repeat you tell agorlas hi, even though that appears in the chat window.
ah. my mistake, I thought that you weren't receiving the tells from the other party. Is there a need to track your outgoing tells? You should still be able to, but it might require encoding the sender name in the message since the API reports the 'Sender' as the local player name (making Sender useless, or it was the last time I played with this about three years ago) for incoming messages. The actual sender is encoded in the beginning of the message in a <Select:IID> tag (which is handy if you want to create a control with a clickable link to the user). Note, that's only a problem with tells since with custom chats (or any channel other than tells), the message will be like "[To mychannel] some message" when you send the message.

Another thing I didn't mention, the response to /listchannels is a bit odd in that instead of just listing the user chats and their channels in Standard, it sends the user chat name to the actual channel for each channel that you have enabled in your filters - if you don't have a channel enabled, even if it has joined a custom chat, it will not generate a response since the chat server doesn't send messages on channels that aren't enabled in your filters. If you have a channel enabled in your filters but haven't actually joined any user chats on that channel it will respond with '<NOT CONNECTED>' on that channel.

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