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Originally Posted by Garan
ah. my mistake, I thought that you weren't receiving the tells from the other party. Is there a need to track your outgoing tells? You should still be able to, but it might require encoding the sender name in the message since there is a bug in the API that reports the 'Sender' as the local player name (making Sender useless, or it was the last time I played with this about three years ago) for incoming messages.
Yeah, i got around finding the sender issue using the xml(i think?) tags to identify the player. I've also started a log as part of the plug in, so that when the name is mentioned again, it will be displayed with the tag, so that you can access the right click menu.

I'm trying to make a chat plugin that lets you rename other players (and has the option to automatically rename them if it detects that they don't fit with "lore etc."), among other things. It's all working fine, apart from when you try to send a tell to a person who's been renamed, (particularly when done by right click on name + send tell). The right clicking works, but it then sends a tell to the new name (in brackets to stop accidentally sending it to the wrong person).

Now I just need to work out a way of capturing that outgoing failed tell, to correct it with the right name, then i can have a hidden alias button to send it to the correct person.

Any ideas for alternatives?
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