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I was reluctant to even ask before, because I thought it might complicate things, but it seems you're taking my suggestion to a whole new level. So I have to wonder. Would it be difficult to allow writers to put images in their stories? Since the writers couldn't put actual items in the game for players to see, if they could make images of what they're supposed to see (such as a letter, runes, a sword... whatever) show up in a window, it would enhance the stories.

By the way the idea of the players being in certain states never occurred to me. The way I envisioned the idea originally they would have been able to skip to the last objective, or skip from one branch of a storyline to another. I suppose that also makes timers for parts of stories possible as well. That was something that passed my mind, but again I thought it wouldn't be possible.

Also I didn't realize a plugin couldn't scan a file (shows how little I know), but players have to type in the name of a file to play an ABC file, so I'd hope that wouldn't be a problem for this.

Additionally the idea of allowing writers to use a loc button, or target button never occurred to me either. It makes sense though. They'd probably have to walk their way through the story anyway to get locations, and doing it this way would cut down greatly on mistakes.

Anyway I'm impressed. What you guys are talking about now sounds much better than what I originally suggested.
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