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Images are certainly doable. I've included text and image displays in a couple of plugins, one a tutorial plugin allowed the author to publish his PDF tutorials as in-game accessible plugins and the other, Bookcase, was designed to allow users to share their own stories. Basically, as long as the image files are included in the zip file with the story script and saved to the right location, we can display either JPG or TGA formatted images. Custom images are even used by MoorMap as Overlays, images that users can show over the map to display things like best paths or deeding areas (like the Berry's Deed Overlays) or where the best concentration of ore nodes are, etc.

As to states, yes, a state machine is the natural implementation of a scripted quest application. Basically the way the built-in quests work or like those old books where you would read a page and then make a choice which tells you which page to go to next (or like the old text adventure games like Zork). While we can expand on the simplistic transitions of a Zork game by having mult-part objectives, optional objectives and even objectives that can be done in any order in parallel, it is still just a state machine, just a slightly more complicated one.

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