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Looking for a way to Inspect my Alts.

Heyo all!

I've been hunting for this within the game and the Plugins in the Compendium. What I want to be able to do is simply "Inspect" my own Alts. Just as if clicking on a player, choosing 'Inspect' to see everything they have equipped. Unless they have turned it off, of course.

Why? Well, I know that my alts may need upgrades in armor, weapons, or bling. I'm on a crafter and would like to find out who requires what. So far, all I can do is keep a Spread Sheet, changing it all the time. Or maybe a big old ledger book and a quill pen! Some things in LOTRO are close to real work, doing either of those is too close!

There are a number of good plugins that show me what is in everyone's bags and vaults, but not what's on their pixelly person. It seems so simple to me, because I know nothing about programming. But I am at a loss to find anything like it. Is there something that I'm missing? Or would someone create a plugin to do that? Please?

Thanks for reading ~ Sam
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