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Unread 03-06-2007, 03:52 PM
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US client update tomorrow

I am aware there will be an US client update 2moro, anyone have the UI related patch notes yet? (wouldnt normally ask but I understand there is a massive downtime so perhaps something meaty is on the cards for this neck of the woods)
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Unread 03-06-2007, 05:12 PM
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Meaty indeed. Not too much in the way of UI I don't think though. Agentfives UI's should work properly now, however.
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Unread 03-06-2007, 09:22 PM
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You can find the patch notes here.

User Interface
  • Rank and Surname can now be disabled inside of the Options UI.
  • Updated the tooltips on the paper doll weapon slots to be more consistent with one another.
  • The Key-mapping Option "Toggle Accomplishments" has been renamed to "Toggle Deed Log On/Off."
  • Both Shift Keys are now labeled "Shift" in the Options UI.
  • Mouse-steer users everywhere - rejoice! Your mouse cursor now comes back when you die instead of leaving you stuck without a cursor, pining at the 600 seconds you need to wait until you retreat.
  • When talking to a bard, the reset and confirm buttons are now grayed out if you haven't made any changes.
  • The tooltip for a trait that grants a skill will now include that skill.
  • When you're in a kinship, you can now examine your kinship's lifespan rank (and next rank) and get a tooltip.
  • Floaty text should now fade out at the same distance indoors as it does outdoors
  • You now receive a clearer error message when you join a fellowship if the chat server is down.
  • Class Icon and Race info has been added to the Character Journal Stats page.
  • Fixed problems with rotating the avatar in the dressing room UI.
  • Updates to the fellowship maneuvers journal UI.
  • Added Custom UI info to the UI Settings section of the Options menu.
  • Fixed mouselook to work after entering an instance.
  • Perks in the Perk Vendor UI now have tooltips.
  • Fixed the chat log to stay scrolled to the bottom when resized.
  • Fixed floaty names for inanimate objects.
  • Skill and trait entries that are higher rank than you are will now be grayed out until you meet the requirement.
  • Quickslot skills will now act like other UI's. When activated, they sort in front, otherwise, they sort in back.
  • Added tab handling for Who and Open Fellowship panels.
  • Race has been added to the character panel.
  • Made a fix to the Who UI to stop logged out players from showing up in the list.
  • Added class icons to entries in the Who UI.
  • When equipping an item, the tooltip will now refresh automatically if it needs to.
  • You can now close LOTRO by right-clicking on the task bar button and choosing "Close.”
  • Advanced Graphics options will now gray out options based on other graphics settings.
  • If you select an escort, you should see the vitals display properly in the UI.
  • Added notification to players in the raid when an assistant is promoted or demoted.
  • You will no longer lose escort vitals if you go link-dead in a private encounter.
  • Context menus are now available in fellowships and raids for members that are out of range.
  • Context menus are now available from the Raid UI.
  • Right clicking on your portrait while portraits are disabled (either explicitly, or because of global settings) once again brings up the context menu. Also, selecting yourself by clicking on the portrait works once again.
  • If you use ctrl-\ to move the UI elements around, the move bar for the player vitals will no longer continue to display. Also, it now saves its position.
  • You will now see a visible indicator when dragging a chat window or tab into the docking area to attach it to another chat window.
  • Bringing up any backpack will now show all of your quickslots, to make it easier to set them up.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 3D opponent portrait to show at incorrect times.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause you to temporarily not be able to drag items to the main shortcut bar on the toolbar.
  • Changed the range of floaty text to 40 meters, matching the longest-range attack in the game.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where quickslot bars could show skills that weren't representative of what was there.
  • Improved performance when toggling the status of floaty names.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause you to not see tooltips over your avatar.
  • Fixed a potential cursor weirdness when naming your character.
  • Large performance increases in the UI on lower end machines.
  • On open, the vendor UI will now appear on top of any other UIs that are currently open
  • The Bank UI is now known as the Vault UI.
  • Friends list now has the level and class in the correct order.
  • The Locked overlay should not appear on items that were sell-locked and then traded.
  • Opening the vault for the first time will give you a tutorial hint.
  • By popular demand, the sell-locking option is back in the vendor UI as well as the Options page.
  • You now get a helpful tutorial hint when you learn your first vocation!
  • There is now an error displayed to the billboard if you try to add too many friends to your list.
  • If a player is online, and it is their first time in, the time online will appear as "Online" again.
  • Friends list sorting should sort correctly now.
  • Removed some duplicate entries in the options panel key mapping.
  • No more redundant display in the tooltip of a skill that requires another passive skill.
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Unread 03-09-2007, 02:36 PM
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not what I was hoping for but thank you for posting nonetheless.
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