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Unread 07-15-2010, 01:19 AM
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Yes, addons (although Turbine is using the term 'scripts') much like in WoW. Whether they will ever get as .... pervasive ... as they are in WoW will remain to be seen.
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Unread 08-17-2010, 01:36 PM
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From what I can see from the beta, Turbine is being very smart and limiting what the addons can do right now, vs the wide open nature of WoW.

I also hear that they are documenting it much better, which in turn should allow for people to make them easier.

I'm sure as time goes on they'll open up more and more, but hopefully don't allow things like aggro meters, damage meters (for other than personal use for tweaking characters) etc.
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Unread 10-09-2010, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Cairenn


Don't come here and slam/flame anyone/thing. For example, don't come here sounding off that Blizz sucks, EQ blows, mod_author_01 should DIAF, etc and so on. None of that. You want to post things like that, take it elsewhere, there are enough other boards that cater to that type of thing. This isn't FlameVault. See the expected behavior outlined in the "seven rings"[/i]
Originally Posted by NewYears1978
It's always so empty and quiet here..shame that LotRO doesn't have as many followers and users as WoW (though I wouldn't trade the maturity levels of WoW over LotRO)

Anyways..just wondering where everyone is! Give a shout out..!
This is the first of a few "maturity" slams.

Being an avid WoW(currently in Cata beta) & LotRO(since beta & a founder) player i am surprised & somewhat disappointed to see a post slamming WoW players, with responding posts from authors, a "Super Moderator" & an admin(who wrote the rules for this site). Formal complaint!

I currently use 114 mods, none of which i wrote(I'm not as talented as some), for WoW. Most are informational or graphical. No i don't use a Dps meter, as long as the job gets done i don't care who does the most dps or who gets the killing blow. I do use inventory, bank, guild bank, bag, mail, chat, item stat comparison, party & raid frame mods as well as a host of others. As 1 person said WoW doesn't have the capabilities for moving elements that LotRO does, its all done through mods.
I do use a threat meter. I don't see the problem when I'm tanking a boss to know that I have the aggro or if I'm losing it to my healer or 1 of the dps. If my healer starts to draw aggro from me i want to know about it. As well as if I'm the healer i want to know who has or is drawing or if I'm drawing aggro from the tank.
I also use Clique(specifically mentioned) with my Holy Priest. It makes healing easier to just put my mouse over a target hold a modifier(alt,ctrl,shift) & click cast the heals on that target, and with characters that can give group/raid buffs. The hardest part of Clique is remembering which modifier to hold & which mouse button to click. It DOES NOT tell me what to cast & when to cast it, you still have to pay attn. to who is taking damage & cast accordingly or do what is necessary to get & keep or bring back aggro.
I hope I have proven the "maturity" levels of some(granted not all) WoW players here. Maybe some of the more "mature" LotRO players should try WoW & find out what its like for themselves. If anyone is interested pm me & ill give you my main char names & server name just to help you out while your getting started. This IS NOT a shameless WoW plug, its to try to help other players expand their horizons(given my apparent maturity level) as a WoW player as well.
As far as I'm concerned both games could learn from each other!(hows that for "maturity")
I do expect this post to be heavily modified or completely removed by 1 of the moderators or admins, hopefully not, but it is expected.

2 footnotes:
1-thanks daimon for a great ui. I use it exclusively.
2-I got the link for this site from wowinterface, which is where i get about 90% of the WoW mods that i use.
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Unread 10-10-2010, 01:00 AM
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Please Note: These are my perceptions, they are not intended to offend, but simply respond to your post.

I was an avid WoW player until about a year ago when I switched to Lotro.

I loved the gameplay, the immediate - almost arcade - feel of the game. The rush of pet-tanking instances, the companionship of the guilds, the skill of playing a character well and seeing your name come near the top of the DPS charts even though I had worse gear than many of the players, the well designed instances, the stories that came from the RP there (I will never live a character as well as I did Jarek). I would like to play the game again at some point but...

I switched because of ;
  • a lack of interesting, accessible content that did not require me to raid, (I already had three alts...)
  • seeing many, many stupid names "DeathKillerz" and such, "FanOfPies" being the worst I saw. This was an RP realm...
  • being told "I suck" by irritating players who were playing their characters so badly, why do they always ignore the evidence? If I'm dead how can I heal?
  • watching RP events fail because of invasions by immature players,
  • it had begun to feel that RP'ers were being pushed out to the margins and many roleplayers were giving up entirely and just joining the crowd,
  • a horrible argument in the guild I was in,
  • Deathknights - please don't ask unless you want a rant! I hate deathknights...

Now, I have to say that if you avoided goldshire, and were careful about who you grouped with a lot of these problems went away. I still have an inkling to play WoW again at some future point, but I am so rusty now I wouldn't know where to begin.

What I find wonderful about Lotro is that on Rp-Laurelin these problems do/did not exist! The content is still fresh to me, and you can solo or small group it. People still walk and roleplay openly. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay has a less arcade more relaxed feel to it. I love the graphics more in Lotro and haven't run enough instances to comment. The Warden and Runekeeper are such clever classes requiring real skill to play.

Recently I have started to see some of the bad points of WoW slowly creeping into Lotro - some awful names have started appearing, and there are a few people who seem to bounce everywhere. I fear that the maturity level is dipping here too.

I do not think that the original comment was intended to express that *all* wow players are immature, just that the *mean* maturity level seems very low.

I think one of the arguments is that WoW is now designed with addons in mind - they expect you to use them and design the encounters accordingly. Although I know players who still play wow, and very effectively, with no mods at all (Even though guild policy is that you MUST have a boss mod...), however if you are not superhuman you need these addons to play it well.

Click-casting and such *does* take some of the skill out of the game, in my opinion of course, I say that as one who used clique with all of my characters.

I think, for me, WoW was a techincal challenge - how can I use these addons to make myself more effective? - and that engaged me for three years.

Lotro is a different challenge all together - and I like it that way! Turbine have been very sensible with the restrictions they have placed on plugins.

WoW is a great game, but not for me any more sadly - and I mean that, genuinely, that I am sad about it.

Long sprawling rant over. God, I'm depressed now *sigh*
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Unread 10-10-2010, 03:23 AM
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Originally Posted by mugrax
This is the first of a few "maturity" slams.
I do use a threat meter. I don't see the problem when I'm tanking a boss to know that I have the aggro or if I'm losing it to my healer or 1 of the dps. If my healer starts to draw aggro from me i want to know about it. As well as if I'm the healer i want to know who has or is drawing or if I'm drawing aggro from the tank.
Heh just wanted to snipe a comment about this. Personally I wouldn't want a threat meter as a tank. Sure, it would be nice to know your exact threat because then you can supposedly perform more effectively. However, that's one of the things that turns a game into a game of numbers and meters. What is threat anyway? It doesn't sound like it's an exact number, but a state of mind of the thing you are fighting. Are you supposed to know exactly what it's thinking? Ok, maybe I took it too far . But anyway, in my opinion a good tank should be able to estimate his threat versus the threat of his group. A lot of this comes from experience and knowing your skills. And that separates a good tank from a bad tank. So I'd like to keep threat management as an unsure art.

(Of course, I do understand that even with a threat meter there's some still things left for a good tank to shine in.)

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Unread 10-10-2010, 07:08 PM
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Until they start making computers with internet connections a fixture at most retirement homes, or they start making LotRO as accessible as Farmville, most of any population influx are going to be younger players. Why? Because we were that age when we started playing.

So we can either scream at those damn kids with their OMGWTFBBQ and their 'doing it for teh lulz' to get off our lawn, or we can try not stereotyping someone, "Get with the times" and treat them like another human being that has a lot to learn - but thinks they know everything. Y'know, like we were at that age.

As far as addons go, it's important to remember one thing.

If adding (insert addon type here) to LotRO would turn LotRO into WoW, then it already is WoW. It's not the addons that lead to the situation you escaped from in WoW, but the community as a whole. So if the current community is made up mostly of people who would use addons in such a way, then it already is WoW. If,on the other hand, most of the community is against addons like Meters or GearScore, then adding those addons won't change that.

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