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Unread 07-19-2008, 11:42 AM
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LotRO: Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion

The LOTRO game servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, July 22 from 6:00AM - 12:00PM Eastern (-4 GMT) for the latest free content update, Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion!

Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion

Welcome to the latest free content update for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar! Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion brings a wide array of changes to LOTRO, including the addition of Eregion, the continuation of the epic questline, and preparations for Moria! The team has also been hard at work adding even more player-requested features to the game!

  • Eregion: Journey to where the Elven Rings were forged!
  • Epic Quest: The epic quest continues with world events that open up the adventure to every player across all servers!
  • Moria Prelude Quests: Aid the Fellowship of the Ring as they prepare to leave Rivendell and make their way toward Mordor.
  • Dungeons: The loot dropped in all instances and raids is being upgraded, and bosses and mobs are being adjusted to make for even better play experiences! Now is the time to prepare for the dangers that dwell in Moria!
  • Animation Improvements: LOTRO continues to polish the experience!
    • Animations and sounds for each Minstrel skill using their equipped instrument (no longer just the Lute!)
    • Monster play emote animations for Orc, Uruk, Spider and Warg
    • New animations for 12 emotes – plus three new animated emotes!
Of Special Note:
  • Monster Play - New racial specific emotes for Monster Player characters are now available!
    • Spiders now have animations for the following emotes: agree, bother, bow, calm, cheer, dance1, laugh, salute, no, yes, and talk.
    • Wargs now have animations for the following emotes: agree, bother, bow, calm, dance1, laugh, rude, salute, scratch, no, yell, yes, and talk.
    • Urukhai now have animations for the following emotes: agree, bother, bow, calm, charge, cheer, dance1, flex, laugh, pose, rude, salute, shrug, no, yes, and talk.
    • Orcs now have animations for the following emotes: agree, bother, bow, calm, cheer, dance1, flex, laugh, pose, rude, salute, scratch, shrug, no, yes, and talk.
  • New collection-based fishing deeds are here! Be sure to catch'em all!
  • The Dressing Room UI now supports dye color previewing! You can alter the color of any visible equipment slot to preview how you will look once you've applied Dye items to your gear.
  • New dyes for clothing available: Orange, Grey, Burgundy, and Turquoise
Of immediate interest for our community:

User Interface

  • When dyeing currently equipped clothing, the avatar image in the character journal is now immediately updated.
  • Dyes will no longer display a pattern type in their tooltip if they use the "Default" pattern.
  • More items should update their usability state correctly when in a quickslot.
  • The scrollbar for Barter NPCs should be reset each time they are used.
  • Using quickslots for items that exist in multiple inventory stacks is now more reliable. The quickslot should continue to function when the first stack is consumed.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing armor drops and common quality quest rewards from having random dye colors applied to them.
  • The tool-tip information on bows has been updated to better reflect the function of the +1 Critical-hit bonus - as this applies only to ranged auto-attacks. The function has not changed, but the tool-tip text has been clarified.
  • The “Are you sure?” prompt when you click to dismount your horse will now ask if you are sure you want to dismount, rather than abandon.
  • The Braziers in Fornost now show a hand usage icon instead of a door.
  • Target of selection vitals update properly with color now.
  • There are new progress bars while riding a mount and while playing music.
  • Fixed some quests that were not showing comment rings correctly.
  • The raid filter on the quest journal now works correctly.
  • Clicking on the ring on the quest tracker to open the quest journal to the correct quest now always expands the journal to show the selected quest.
  • Repeatable quests can now be shared with someone who has already completed the quest, as long as they would otherwise be able to pick up the quest again from the NPC. The fellowship Shared Quest filter will now filter out quests that your fellows don't have.
  • The Titles tab in the character journal can no longer be accessed by session players since they cannot gain titles.
  • The right-click context menu on the social UI now disappears when you select a different player or tab.
  • The UI scaling of your fellowship and raid group 1's vitals are now restored properly when you join a group.
  • The little green checkmark indicating that your fellow is ready to turn in a quest should appear more reliably.
  • Crafting Nodes now clearly state their specific Craft Proficiency Requirements.
  • Camp-site map notes will now be displayed correctly when looking at maps.
  • Green map-note icons for your fellowship will now display on maps, even if the fog-of-war hasn't been lifted.
  • Ost Alagos now has a POI mapnote.
  • Tom Bombadil's House, if already discovered, will now be displayed when viewing the 'Old Forest' map
Chat UI
  • You can now Ctrl+right-click on many of the item icons in the game to create an item link in your chat window instead of dragging them to the text entry field. This includes item icons in the Auction house, crafting panel, quest rewards, vendors / barter NPCs, and so on. You can also re-map this command, "Item Link To Chat", in the Key Mapping section of the Options Panel.
  • The "Death" chat filter has been renamed to the "Combat Event" chat filter.
  • Added a new option to enable notification of when someone nearby breaks the rooted, dazed or feared state of an opponent by attacking or damaging them. You will find this option in the Combat Options tab of the Options panel. The notices are displayed under the "Combat Event" chat filter.
  • The chat channel strings for the "Looking for Fellowship" chat channels have been updated to read "LFF". "/LFF" is still the command to speak to these channels.
  • Added 3 more looting options: Roll/Pass with Free For All, Need/Greed with Free For All, and Master Looter with Free For All. If the item is below the current threshold, any person in the group can pick it up. If the item is at or above the threshold then the Loot Policy will be in effect for the item (Roll/Pass, Need/Greed, Master Looter). In addition, for all landscape chests the first player to open the chest will always be able to loot the items below the threshold. All items at or above the threshold will follow the normal Loot Policy.
  • When you have someone targeted and they enter your fellowship, their floaty name and the name above the target vitals UI will change colors appropriately.
  • When you are too far away to do a fellowship manoeuvre contribution it will now be clear on the UI that you cannot use that contribution as is.
  • You are now informed that a player is not ready to be invited into a fellowship if they are in a loading state.
  • Talking in the "Raid" channel using "/ra" will now automatically switch the default output channel of your active chat tab to "Raid".
  • Players will now see the effect status of all members of a Raid.
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing companion effects from applying to the correct group when the master changed Fellowships within a Raid.
  • The Join button on the Open Fellowship UI is now grayed out if you're the group leader. The default sort is now indicated by the appropriate sort arrow when the Open Fellowship UI is first opened.
  • Players will now see the effect status of all members of a Raid.
Full patch notes are here.
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