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Name: Poetical   Popular!
Date: 06-07-2020 03:14 PM
Size: 78.34 Kb
Version: 1.3.2
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Main Poetical Screen
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Poetical Editor
Poetical is a plug-in designed to store the words of your favourite poems (and songs), and allows you to recite them a line at a time using a single button press.

  • A on-screen button to easily toggle the Poetical window on or off
  • Poems can be selected by means of a list at the top of the window
  • Ability to "tag" poems, and then to filter the poem list by a tag
  • A way to play any line of the poem, by means of a play button next to each line, which doesn’t lose your current position in the poem.
  • An option to add a prefix to all lines in your poem (for example, if you wanted to add a "/f" prefix before each line)
  • An option to do an emote in the blank lines between verses in your poems (for example /emote pauses)
  • Find-and-replace feature in the poem editor.
  • "Pop-out" windows to allow multiple poems to be opened at once.
  • A method to add "comments" to your poems that will be ignored when you recite your poems (Useful for doing stage directions if you were doing a play!).
  • A "delay" setting for the main play button. After clicking the main play button to read a line, it can optionally stay inactive for a short delay before the next line can be played.
  • Command line options to allow Poetical to be opened on a specific poem
  • Ability to bookmark a line of the poem
  • Ability to colour each line of the poem. Now you can dye your poems yellow! (See notes below)
  • Full support for French and German clients


Unzip the zipfile and move the "Simbo" folder to your "Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins" folder


Poetical can be loaded via the in-game Plugin Manager, or with one of the following command line option

/plugins load poetical

The window visibility can be controlled with the toggle button, or with the following command-line options:

English Client

/poetical show
/poetical show "poem-name"
/poetical pop-out "poem-name"
/poetical hide
/poetical toggle

French Client

/poetical afficher
/poetical afficher "poem-name"
/poetical à ressort "poem-name"
/poetical masque
/poetical basculer

German Client

/poetical anzeigen
/poetical anzeigen "poem-name"
/poetical herausstellen "poem-name"
/poetical verstecken
/poetical umschalten

To bookmark a line in the poem, you can use the Add Bookmark button on the bookmark toolbar. This bookmark toolbar is initially hidden but can be enabled via Settings. Such bookmarks will appear in the Poem Editor window

{{BOOKMARK:Bookmark Name}}A line of the poem that is bookmarked

You can also add bookmarks in the Poem Editor using this syntax.

To colour a line requires to know the six-character hex code of the colour, then entering the code in double-braces at the start of the line. For example:

{{FF6500}} This line will be orange

Alternatively, you can enter use whole numbers (which will be between 0 and 255) to represent the proportions of the red, green, blue values

{{255,101,0}} This line will also be in orange

Version History

1.3.2 (14th April 2019)
  • Added a new "Scroll to Middle" option in Settings, to always show the next line in the middle of the listbox

1.3.1 (19th May 2017)
  • Fixed a bug where Poetical was incorrectly referencing the Babble plugin

1.3.0 (2nd May 2017)
  • Added bookmarks bar (Can be enabled using the Settings window)
  • Uses more accurate timer for delay setting
  • Fix to ensure Toggle button doesn't disappear outside the screen boundary
  • Corrected some translation text
  • Fix for resizing window so that current poem is not hidden entirely
  • Fix to disable Pop-out button when no poem selected

1.2.1 (23rd Apr 2016)
  • Back-up of the plugin file containing all poems (PoeticalPoems.plugindata) is created whenever the Poetical plugin is loaded. Back file is held in the same PluginData folder, and is called PoeticalPoemsBackup.plugindata
  • A fix made to the word-wrapping functionality as it was not coping well with longer lines

1.2 (10th Oct 2015)
  • Added a new “filter” text box for searching poem titles. Type in some text to limit the list of poems to ones that contain the text in the poem title
  • Word-Wrap setting to allow wrapping of long lines
  • Option to reset position to when changing poems rather than remembering previous position
  • New "Select All" button in Editor window
  • New "Apply" button in Editor window
  • Warning if close icon is clicked on Editor window
  • Warning if New/Edit Poem is pressed when Editor window is already open to prevent unsaved poem being overwritten
  • Fixed bug when pressing F12 when confirmation window visible
  • Changed it to use the word “Pop-out” in the French version…

1.1.1 (8th May 2015)
  • Fixed bugs with play button and window-resizer

1.1 (16th March 2015)
  • Added "delay" setting
  • Command options for opening on a specific poem
  • Fixed issue with pressing ESC
  • UI fixes

1.0 (26th February 2015)
Initial release
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